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Three Money Market Account Myths

Don't let a disaster ruin your finances. Be ready with emergency savings.

Don't let a disaster ruin your finances. Be ready with emergency savings.  Find out why you need emergency savings for natural disasters.

Emergency Savings for Medical Care

Do you have $10,000 for an accident or medical emergency?  Find out why you need emergency savings for medical expenses.

Five wise money tips from moms

Five wise money tips from moms  See if a wise money tip from your mom is on our list.

Automated Savings

Expect the unexpected: Automate your savings  Learn how, get started and be better prepared for the unexpected.

5 Steps for Creating a Budget

5 Steps for Creating a Budget  Create a budget with these five easy steps and start achieving your financial goals.

Choosing a savings partner

Your Savings Partner Checklist  Learn what to look for-and how to pick a bank that's right for you

Life Hacks for Saving Money

Nine Simple Ways to Start Saving Money Today.  You don't have to sacrifice your way of life. Here are 9 simple tips to increase your savings.

It's America Saves Week!

It's America Saves Week!  Check out how you stack up with your generation’s savings habits, plus get tips to increase your savings potential.

5 Smart Savings Tips for Valentine's Day

5 Smart Savings Tips for Valentine's Day  Here are 5 tips that will help you save when creating a memorable Valentine's Day celebration for the one you love.

Think saving money is the same for everyone?

How Saving in 2018 Differs across Generations  Think saving money is the same for everyone? Read on to see how Millennials, GenXers and Boomers save differently.

How to Keep Your New Year's Savings Resolution

How to Keep Your New Year's Savings Resolution  Follow these tips to grow your savings this year and beyond.

Get a Head Start on Savings  Competitive rates, flexible money access with Premier High Yield Savings.

New Year's Survey

Savings Goals across Generations  Are you and your peers more likely to prioritize savings in the New Year?

Why You Should Choose a 1-Year CD

Why You Should Choose a 1-Year CD  Learn why you should choose this low-risk investment that offers higher rates than savings accounts.

No Penalty Spotlight

The No-Penalty CD: Another Option for Your Savings  High fixed rate, plus flexibility to access funds.

Halloween Spending Trends Icon

Splurge vs. Saving: Halloween Spending Trends  How much do you spend on Halloween? Check out how the saving and spending trends compare across generations.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness  4 action items to take today for better online security.

Emergency Fund

How to Build an Emergency Fund  Four steps you can take to build emergency savings for unexpected expenses.

What is a High Yield Savings Account?

The high-yield savings account  The five key reasons to consider this savings option.

Is it time to refinance icon

Is it time to refinance?  Consider your answers to the following questions

A boomer retrospective Icon

A boomer retrospective  5 steps millennials (and everyone else) can take today to be better financially prepared.

Refinance Checklist

Refinance checklist.  Here is a list of what you may need, when applying for a home refinance

Buying a Home

Buying a home.  Wondering how much you should put down? Get to know your options

Straight Talk About Tax Refunds

Straight talk about tax refunds.  A check from the IRS can fill many needs. But don’t think of it as a gift

First-Time Homebuyer Tips Icon

5 important tips for first-time homebuyers.  Consider these 5 helpful tips to get you started

College Savings Infographic

College savings infographic.  Get a quick glance at the real cost of college

dollar sign in an opened gift box

Gifts for minors – with major advantages.  Learn why a bank account can be the perfect holiday gift for a child or grandchild

Inflation Proof Your Savings

Inflation-proof your savings.  Find out how to keep purchasing power from dwindling

Build a vacation fund

Build a vacation fund.  Learn how to plan a great getaway without going into debt

Protect Your Identity

Protect your identity.  Learn how to protect your identity and information — and avoid being a victim

Your Homebuying budget

Your homebuying budget.  The magic number is as unique as you are, and based on many factors

CD laddering infographic

CD laddering infographic.  See how to set up your CD ladder to maximize liquidity and high rates

Laddering CDs

The case for CD laddering.  Learn how you can get both access and liquidity using multiple CDs

Infographic - Savings

Weighing your savings options.  Explore different types of savings accounts to help you reach your goals

Is a cash out or debt consolidation Icon

Cash-out refinancing.  Refinancing to tap into your home’s equity can help

Tax-smart strategies

Tax-smart strategies.  Find out about steps you can take now to minimize your 2015 taxes

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